McKee Laboratory

The McKee Laboratory focuses on the application of engineering principles and bioinformatics tools to the interrogation of biological processes.

We have a number of ongoing projects in computational pathology, in which we utilize computer vision-based tools for image segmentation and object classification in order to turn an image with pixels into a biological network of cells for further interrogation.

We also generate multi-modality 3D and 4D image datasets, and develop new techniques utilizing a radiomics-based approach for the interrogation of images and the fusion of volumetric image data with high resolution pathology data.

Finally, we are working on the fundamental infrastructure required for handling these data types, with the goal of developing and improving upon open-source tools available for the generation and utilization of segmented image data, for use by large collaborative projects like the Human Cell Atlas.

About Dr. Trevor McKee

Dr. Trevor McKee has a PhD from MIT in Biological Engineering, and has 20 years of experience in preclinical imaging, including the development of new algorithms for image analysis. Dr. McKee has been a manager of the STTARR Imaging facility for the past five years, and has led a team of image analysis algorithm developers to provide analysis as a service to both internal and external academic laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies, including ongoing analysis for clinical trial specimens. Dr. McKee, with the rest of the STTARR team, has developed relationships with pharmaceutical companies to help bridge the translational divide and bring ideas from basic science, through translation in preclinical models at STTARR, and through clinical trials for drugs and imaging agents. He has 38 publications which have been cited collectively more than 2,500 times. He has been cited as a thought leader in multiplex spatial analysis and computational pathology.